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Therefore, teenage pregnancy in Canada requires a solution, that will prevent such pregnancies, and support the teen parents To begin with, there are many common reasons why teenage pregnancy takes place Good Essays words 7. There are a lot of problems involved with children having children.

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There is a higher risk of low birth rate, premature labor, and stillbirth. The problem is teenage girls are not done growing and fully maturing, there for, when they become pregnant it induces problems not only on the baby but the mother as well Over the past years, American society has been concerned about this issue, especially teenage suicide. The suicide rate among teenagers is not constant for a period of time; it keeps changing over time.

Most of the time, the suicide rate among boys is greater than that among girls.

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Different types of people in our society respond to this issue in different ways. Earlier in this year, some parents of adolescents completed a questionnaire of 30 common psychological medical concerns of adolescence, among which suicide was one item Free Essays words 3. From to the rate of suicides involving persons from the ages of years old has increased by percent, and has increased More recently in a poll of 3, high-school honor students, a stunning one-quarter have seriously considered suicide Eaton Suicides have been proven to be one of the leading causes of death among teens, falling second only to accidents Roberts It seems that these days age does not define the mindset of our youth.

The young mind is actually becoming more mature than we think, and this is causing our children to grow up just a little too fast. They do not realize that their actions go hand in hand with their consequences, and they simply do as they please. There are many problems affecting our youth today such as underage drinking or drug use Essay about Common Teenage Problems.

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Need Writing Help? Teenage Suicide Essay - Teenage Suicide The killing of own life intentionally is referred as suicide. According to research, teenagers who joined a gang in adolescence had three times higher chances to receive illegal incomes between ages 27 and This means that even if a teenager does not commit a crime now, he or she will do it later. Besides, even if they are not committing crimes, former gang members are at a three-times higher risk of developing substance addictions in a later age; they are also twice as likely to have poor health and be in need of receiving public assistance.

This is not to mention a significantly lower likelihood of successfully graduating from school University of Washington.

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Joining a gang might be an extreme way of teenage riot; adolescence is the time when teenagers seek to establish themselves in a social hierarchy, and being a part of a gang might seem a considerable option for them. Usually, if your child has problems at school and with police, wears specific colors of symbols all the time, possesses a lot of money from unclear sources, and hides their activities from you, he or she might be a part of a gang.

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